Connect Outside

Executive Coach Emma Stubbings and Mountain leader John Tierney take groups to amazing places to work on important subjects.  

  • Feeling better at work
  • Improving connection and communication
  • Managing change well

For teams

Workshops, walking and talking. We give managers and teams the tools they need to build resilience, improve communication and connect better with each other.


For leaders

It shouldn’t be lonely at the top. Let us connect you with owners and leaders. Join one of our groups who meet for a combination of coaching workshop, walking & talking.

Connect Outside

Can Executive Coaching help with my anxiety?

If you’re one of the thousands of people who suffer from anxiety at work and procrastinate about making decisions then yes, this is for you.

Why should I have a coach in my business?

Whether you choose to work with me directly yourself or bring me into your business to coach your leaders, you will:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and frustration
  • Discover solutions, ideas and possibilities you hadn’t thought of
  • Create a stronger sense of belief, confidence and empowerment
  • Find new, more productive ways to communicate to get the best result

I’m in a good place, do I need a coach?

Executive Coaching isn’t therapy. Top athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs all have coaches to enhance their performance, clarify their strategies and focus their energy. 

Sessions are specific to the client. They’re future focused and can involve talking about expansion, growth, dreaming big, achieving even more.

Contact me today to start working together.

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